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Overall responsibility for overseeing and coordinating the implementation of projects under DRIP rests with the Central Project Management Unit (CPMU), created in Dam Safety Rehabilitation Directorate, Central Water Commission at New Delhi; the CPMU is headed by the Project Director.

Egis EAU (France), in Joint Venture with Egis India Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd., is providing the services of the Engineering and Management Consultancy to the CPMU. The time-based consultancy contract, with a time period of 60 months, has come into effect from 24th December 2013. The main objective of the Consultancy is to strengthen the CPMU for discharge of its day-to-day responsibilities by providing a team of consultants for managerial, technical, fiduciary, safeguards and M&E services as brought out in the Scope of Consultancy. Services of about 17 international experts (totaling 300 staff months) and about 18 national experts (totaling 528 staff months) are expected to be provided by the Consultant at an estimated cost of 6,708,910 Euro plus 353,140, 854 Indian Rupees.

CPMU provides support to the State Dam Safety Organizations (SDSOs) and State Project Management Units (SPMUs) and facilitates and guides in implementation and monitoring of project activities, inter alia ensuring synergy and coordination among all Implementing Agencies (IAs). It also facilitates training and knowledge sharing, and prepares consolidated progress reports and other project reports.

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