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Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project Phase - 2

The Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) undertaken with funding assistance from the World Bank in the year 2012 covered comprehensive rehabilitation and improvement of 225 large dam projects coupled with institutional capacity building for safe and sustainable dam operations. The project is being implemented in the seven States of India (Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and Uttarakhand).

The DRIP has been successful in bringing greater awareness of dam safety issues and addressing the serious problems by introducing novel solutions and technologies. Because the project covers only 5% of large dams in India, Phase 2 of the DRIP is being contemplated to address the safety concerns at other dams. DRIP 2 will have a larger financial outlay to cover more dams in all States. Proposals are invited from all the State Governments clearly identifying their needs in respect of the three components of DRIP namely (i) Rehabilitation and Improvement of dams and associated appurtenances, (ii) Dam Safety Institutional Strengthening in participating States and CWC, and (iii) Project Management.

Proposals may be uploaded onto the website using the prescribed format.